A masterclass seminar addressed to professional hairdressers and specializing in the trends for hair-ups and chignon that are dominant in the fashion industry.

Evening hairstyles are quite demanding and are intended to emphasize the femininity of every woman to attract attention, to give elegance and style, and to emphasize her personality and diversity.

Free your imagination by combining tools and materials with "pure" techniques, giving unlimited options to your clients, to wear their hair according to the occasion. (Variety of irons, every day materials, pioneering combinations).

The chignon & styling collection program is a series of 2 individual seminars addressed to professional stylists. It is conducted exclusively by the specialized editorial directors and aims to highlight your creativity to the fullest.

  • Selection of the day and time of the seminars, depending on your time and needs (3-hour / 6-hour sessions).
  • Choice of holding the seminars at your place or at the premises of Prestige Telis Kikeris.
  • The subject matter is customized according to your needs and desires from a wide range of specialized suggestions.
  • You can choose the instructor of your liking.


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