These seminars are addressed to hairdressers who want to specialize in the following lines in women haircut, individually or as a whole, in a privilege package. 

These are the fundamental hairdressing techniques that are categorized depending on the various face shapes that exist as they adapt to different lengths and textures. These techniques are timeless meaning that they remain unchanged through the years or barely change. In this seminar you will acquire a more dynamic approach to the haircutting service. 12 Sessions
This is a program you should definitely include in your knowledge base so that you can show your skills in bob haircuts. Learn all you need to know for the most popular look and be capable to rise to every occasion with confidence and a fully successful result. 2 days
You will approach the haircutting service through disconnected techniques on geometrical bases. Learn how to blend shapes how to alter them and the techniques to perfect them. With this seminar you will learn how to combine the fundamental rules and how to break them creative special and alternative looks. 2 days
It is a commercial and absolutely specialized seminar for long and medium length hair. Change the way and the visual approach to haircutting enriching your knowledge so that you create successful and personalized results. You will acquire everything you need to give texture and movement and to rise to any occasion that a modern salon demands. 2 days
A complete program for absolute expertise in the short haircut philosophy. In this particular seminar the mechanics of haircut approach, the bone structure and the options for the internal hair are throughly analyzed. Also, a lot of emphasis is given on the perimeter line, the attitude we can choose for every short haircut and the relation between the natural fall and natural growth of the hair and the hair cutting procedure. Be a cutting expert in short haircuts in a must - have seminar. 2 days
A specialised seminarexclusively designed to focus on the creation of haircuts on curly hair. You will be able to understand the function and the mechanics that is hidden within hair with natural tension, so that you can design any haircut, making your everyday routine more fun.
  • Correct design of the haircut
  • Understanding of volume
  • Highlighting the natural texture
  • Redistribution of internal masses
A complete seminar regarding the design and creation of the perfect fringe and shag haircuts, Together we will discover the secrets of the way to create the perfect fringe, as well as the way to work a shag haircut on short, medium length or longer hair. 2 days


Seminar useful information:

  • Selection of the time and date of the seminars depending on your time and needs (3-6 hour sessions).
  • Choice of seminars at your site or at our facilities.
  • The curriculum is adapted according to your needs and wishes from a wide range of specialized proposals.
  • Possibility of your choice of instructor.


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