This program is addressed to graduates of public or private hairdressing schools. It is also addressed to hairdressers with less than 3 years of experience who have needs in specific hairdressing services and want to make a fast dynamic recap, in order to perfect their technique.

The duration of the program is 6 months and the attendance is from Monday to Thursday in 3-hour classes daily.

With this particular program, Telis Kikeris hairdressing and beauty school helps the students acquire a strong foundation on which they can evolve their professional abilities. It includes absolute specialization in men and women’s haircut and coloring techniques with everyday hands-on practice.

There are small group classes (up to 10 students) so that the optimum training quality is achieved in conjunction with the absolute specialization of the educators of the Prestige Telis Kikeris hairdressing and beauty school artistic team.

The educational team of Prestige Telis Kikeris hairdressing and beauty school is comprised of achieved hairdressers – educators.

Each educator is completely specialized in the service he teaches, as our team is comprised of experienced hair stylists, colorists and barbers.

2 months women’s haircut2 months color techniques2 months men’s haircut
Basic haircutting techniques
Square Baseline
(Round Baseline-V-shape-Round to square)
Square Layers profile
(Round Layers-Triangular Layers)
Short to long layers
Adding layers on graduation
Square Bob
A Line Bob
Layered Bob
Low-high graduation with baseline
Low-high graduation without baseline
Graduated layers one length
A Line graduation (short)
Round graduation (short)
Basic color techniques
Color study
Lightening base
Color theory/Color practice
Highlights classic-double-vertical
Pigments tones
Natural lightening
Semi permanent colors
Root touch up
Base darkening
Color combination
Color shampooing
White hair
Vertical/Double highlights
Basic men’s haircut techniques
Square line
Square layers (Profile)
Messy mop
Square Layers horseshoe
Triangular layers
Square layers overdirect
The mod
Side swept
Business cut
Middle part
Faux Haux
Flat top
Executive contour
Disconected quiff
Scissor over comb
Clipper over comb

Presentation & hands on practice every day

24 women’s haircut techniques24 color techniques18 men’s haircut techniques


  • Small group classes
  • Every day hands on practice
  • 4 times a week attendance
  • 3 hour classes
  • All year round admittance

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