The Institutes for Professional Training are part of the non-compulsory meta-secondary Education and provide official but not gradable training, as they accept graduates of both High School and Junior High School, depending on the specialties they offer.



I.IEK Prestige Telis Kikeris is the only IEK with absolute specialization and 40 years of experience in beauty professions with 15 successful salons.

The certificate of professional training is recognized in Greece and abroad, on a level of meta-secondary education and it validates the professional rights of the graduates for every specialty. The degree is equivalent of the Greek national degree and provides 150 points in any possible ASEP exams that the graduate may take part in. It is a diploma of professional specialization, instruction and level 5 training.

The attendance is approved by the Ministry of Education in 4 training semesters and one practice semester.

  • A Voucher with funding for working positions that ensures our graduates of a steady professional career.
  • Military service postponement.
Employment sectors
  • Health, beauty and well-being services
  • Versatile beauty and slimming centers
  • Make up studios
  • Cosmetics industries and distributors
  • Spa centers
  • Health sectors, that is, medical centers and private clinics

Professional knowledge and skills

Basic anatomy knowledge, physiology, dermatology, dietology, chemistry, cosmetology, physics, face and body aesthetics, nail aesthetics, professional make up, alternative treatments, spa aesthetics, hygiene, professional ethics, marketing principles, make up history, professional make up aesthetics, chromatology, henna.
Α Semester Β Semester C Semester D Semester
Chemistry elements
Special physics subjects
Face aesthetics
Make up
Nail aesthetics
Specialization Hands on practice
Chemistry elements
Special physics subjects
Face aesthetics
Nail aesthetics
Business organizing
First aid
Hygiene and work space security
Professional make up morphology
Specialization Hands on practice
Nail aesthetics
Massage principles
Media make up
Specialization Hands on practice
Professional ethics
Special effects make up
Relaxation and well-being methods – spa
Body treatments
Henna tattoo
Body painting
Hands on practice
  • Small group classes
  • 3 hour classes
  • Specialized instructors
  • Class hours: 10:30-13:30 / 14:00-17:00 / 17:00-20:00



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