Our Mission

Prestige Telis Kikeris, started operating since 2006 as a postgraduate training center with the aim of improving the skills and broadening the knowledge of hairdressers.
It always remains very exciting for us to share our passion for hairdressing with colleagues and at the same time help develop and inspire young people to develop their skills and creativity.
Our fundamental purpose is always to improve ourselves and set high educational standards, providing our students with specialized training in all hairdressing services, expanding the boundaries of their creativity.

Our Team

Our artistic team is an ever-evolving group of accomplished hairdressing professionals, with a multicultural profile, from different countries and continents.
In collaboration with Davines and having as a vehicle our enthusiasm and our love for the art of hairdressing, we combine our knowledge and experiences on our creations which at the same time reflect our distinct cultural and artistic background, but also share the same vision.
Our love for hairdressing is the driving force that motivates us to travel, participate in exhibitions and seminars, exchange opinions and ideas by sharing our passion with others.
We feel excited to be a part of such a creative and beautiful industry.

Meet our Team


Through our annual Collections, we aim to inspire people and push them to experiment with new shapes, textures, different volumes and colors and invite them to be inspired by our creations.
Every year we design 3 Collections dedicated to Barbering, Cut & Color and Hair Styling.
Always with innovation as a vehicle, we carve our own path, beyond the established ones.

Hair Salons

The Telis Kikeris group has established itself in the Greek market as one of the largest and most successful hairdressing groups, setting new quality standards in the hairdressing industry and developing it. The first hair salon of the group was founded in 1974, in the area of Kallithea. Today, it consists of 15 salons with approximately 150 employees, 160,000 customers per year and is constantly growing.