Prestige Telis Kikeris hairdressing and beauty school acknowledging the needs of the modern professional in the beauty field, offers the potential of personal seminars for his specialization.

The one to one seminars are addressed to those who want to enrich and specialize their knowledge in a fast and methodical way.

In these seminars we focus on the personal learning needs of every student so that they specialize effectively and immediately.

The trainee can specialize in new techniques, new products and in fashion trends.

The classes take place in days and hours that suit the students and have the opportunity to practice on models.

Bridal makeup New trends in bridal
Digital make-up
Bridal body painting
Special Effect Burns
Prosthetic members
Theater/Cinema/TV TV presentation makeup
Male makeup
Video clips
Transformation makeup
Classic role makeup
Body Painting Artistic body & face painting
Use of Aqua color
Bridal Body painting
Racial Body painting


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