On June 24, the most glorious hairdressing night, at the hair awards 2019 by estetica, Prestige Telis Kikeris was once again the star.

With high level education, professional consistency and the people’s love as fuel, we managed to win 3 of the most important categories. Specifically our artistic director Thanos zaimis was voted as hairdresser of the year and our editorial director Noemie hue as colorist of the year.

The award that filled us with pride for the second consecutive year is the best young talent award, won by Maria Kalokoh and that is because two years in a row, the winners are students who have graduated from our school.


Estetica Hair Awards 2019 01
Estetica Hair Awards 2019 02
Estetica Hair Awards 2019 03
Estetica Hair Awards 2019 05