Nail Design is a creative art form that follows fashion trends and allows you to express your style and creativity.
Nail Design courses will give you the knowledge and technique to perfect your nail art skills.

The students have the potential to choose to be trained between the following 9 nail design programs.

The study groups are small so that the quality of the lessons is secured. There is also the possibility of private seminars on specific date and times at the trainee’s convenience.

During his attendance, the student develops his imagination and creates intricate designs on nails using brand name products, on live models.

Seminar Duration: 6 hours
Sticky and thick product for artificial nails. It is more similar to gel than to acrylic.
- Natural enhancement (elongation with tips / form)
- Dual form system (French / Baby boomer).
Dip Powder technique. Easy acrylic application method. With the use of tips or as a natural nail enhancement.
Gel / Acrylic
Service shapes (square/almond/ballerina) – elongation with form.
3D Acrylic
Models with acrylic dust.
3D Gel plasteline
Models with dough.
One stroke painting
Painting with one stroke.
Art painting
Linear design / Textured design effect.
Gel / Acrylic
Gel/Acrylic French (stacked french)
Gel/Acrylic Baby boomer (stacked ombre french).
Nail Art Mix
Strass / Glitter / Linear design / Ombre Mirror effect / Mermaid effect / Foil / Marble / Wet stone.

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