A collection inspired by the ancient muses.

All the ancient muses were beautiful, well groomed and wore a crown.

So, we worked with braids and bands techniques, so that every muse wears her own crown. Impressive styling and colorful combinations. Copper tones, fiery blonde with balayage effect, bronzing, perle blonde are the techniques that were used.

Every woman hides a modern muse. She lives her own fairytale through her appearance. She inspires and is inspired by everything. Every muse knows how to stare you down and to enchant you with her style. The ancient muses were 9; today every woman can feel like a muse.


01 Muse Collection 2019
02 Muse Collection 2019
03 Muse Collection 2019
04 Muse Collection 2019
05 Muse Collection 2019
06 Muse Collection 2019