These seminars are addressed to hairdressers who want to specialize in the following lines in color, individually or as a whole, in a privilege package.


The foundation color course is the perfect introduction in the field of color, as choosing and placing the color is a skill that will help you evolve. During this session you will learn color theory, single and combined techniques. Very soon you will have confidence so that you can choose the correct color and the right technique that you have to use. This lesson is ideal for those who want to be the best color experts. 12 Sessions
Balayage is one of the most popular haircoloring services required at a salon. The go-to look for every modern woman, the balayage technique creates depth and dimensions in all types and lengths of hair. In these sessions you will learn to create from the most natural effect to the most impressive balayage using different tools and techniques. 2 days
Unlock the secrets behind the most famous and beloved color of all times. This seminar was created to give you the most important techniques and mixtures to achieve the perfect result. Combine bases and tints and create the most brilliant blonde. This course is for those who want to learn the basic techniques of blonde color, to gain experience, expertise and confidence. 2 days
Hair trends change all the time, however ombre and sombre are always in fashion. These techniques are based on a look that fits many faces. In these sessions you will learn everything about ombre and sombre techniques, creating color combinations with perfect harmony. Starting with an in depth analysis exploring color and style, this lesson will help you understand the contouring technique. Basic knowledge for every professional who wants to evolve his knowledge. 2 days
This session will help you be an expert in what we call radical change. A course for every aspiring hairstylist who wishes to constantly evolve. The transformation is not simple, our philosophy is that you must make a high level diagnosis every time, to study the face, the skin and eye color. By completing the course you will have acquired knowledge on hair science. You will have understood the different types of hair and how to protect them while achieving a radical change. 2 days


Seminar useful information:

  • Selection of the time and date of the seminars depending on your time and needs (3-6 hour sessions).
  • Choice of seminars at your site or at our facilities.
  • The curriculum is adapted according to your needs and wishes from a wide range of specialized proposals.
  • Possibility of your choice of instructor.


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