The cutting collection course is the inspiration of creation. A masterclass seminar addressed to professional hairdressers and specializing in the trends for hair that are dominant in the fashion industry.

SENSES Collection

Global fashion in clothing and hair is constantly evolving and one trend follows another on social media. The goal of every specialized hair stylist is to propose to his clients innovative ideas that will make him stand out and establish him in the world's consciousness.

You can be trained, in individual or group seminars, in lines based on the latest collection of Prestige Telis Kikeris but also on global trends, together with the specialized Artistic Directors.

Be a pioneer by creating your own ideas using freehand techniques, combined with fundamental structures, giving a more artistic approach.

The Cutting Collection Course is 3-hour individual seminars aimed at professional hairdressers and aims to bring out their talent and creativity to the fullest.

  • Selection of the day and time of the seminars, depending on your time and needs (3-hour / 6-hour sessions).
  • Choice of holding the seminars at your place or at the premises of Prestige Telis Kikeris.
  • The subject matter is customized according to your needs and desires from a wide range of specialized suggestions.
  • You can choose the instructor of your liking.


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